ICGC ARGO Data Platform

The International Cancer Genome Consortium Accelerating Research in Genomic Oncology (ICGC ARGO) aims to uniformly analyze specimens from 100,000 donors with high quality clinical data in order to address outstanding questions that are vital to the quest to defeat cancer.

Access Controlled Data

The Data Access Compliance Office (DACO) handles approval for access to controlled molecular data in the ARGO Data Platform.

Download Data

ICGC ARGO clinical data will be available for download in the File Repository. Molecular data can be downloaded after obtaining DACO approval.

Data Analysis Workflows

ICGC ARGO uniformly analyzes molecular data against the GRCh38 Human Reference Genome.

Latest News

November 30, 2023:
The Toronto Data Center has moved to new infrastructure. There are minor changes to the data upload and download processes, so please review the documentation for Molecular Data Submission and File Download.

To ensure proper service during submissions and downloads, please upgrade your score-client to v5.10.0 and argo-data-submission workflow to v1.1.0.

For additional support please contact our helpdesk.

November 6, 2023:
Clinical data is now available to download! You can access the clinical data that corresponds to any file's donor through the download dropdown of the File Repository.

Additionally, a new version of the Treatment schema has been released which includes validation changes that permit clinical exceptions for treatment_type: ARGO Dictionary 1.20.

Data Release 7.0, and Software Release UI 1.125.1 - API 3.42.0 are also available now.

October 18, 2023:
This release sees the addition of a new optional field called lost_to_followup_after_clinical_event_id to the Donor table, allowing data submitters to indicate when a donor was lost to follow up after a clinical event. Information on additional metadata fields can be found in ARGO Dictionary 1.19.

If you have feature suggestions or feedback, please contact us.

Publication Guidelines

How to cite the ARGO Data Platform and datasets within your publication.

Release Notes

Find details about Platform software releases and data releases.

Programmatic APIs

Access Platform data through our public ARGO API.

ICGC 25K Data Portal

Explore the original initiative that produced >20,000 tumour genomes across 26 cancer types.

Data Submission

Instructions for programs to submit clinical and molecular data.


Resources for how to use the ARGO Data Platform and how to access data.

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